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Do you want to meet me? Want to learn what I recommend? In the initial consult you can tell me more about you, your dog, their behaviors, and what your training goals are. You can get an idea of what an individualized training program will look like for you and your dog. I can also demonstrate some simple techniques, evaluate your dog, and answer questions. Initial consultations take place at your home so I can assess your dog in its natural environment. Travel fee applies for mileage over 25 miles.

Prerequisite to ALL Training Services.

Price: $60 for Initial Consult

Training Programs:



Annoyed that your dog won't settle down? 
Are you fed up with always having to get after your dog for stealing things, getting into the trash, jumping up, or racing around like a maniac?
Did you just get a puppy & want to make sure you start them out right?
Does your dog act demanding, & ignore your requests?
Imagine a well mannered house dog that is able to calm down, & be content. Visualize a dog that is respectful without having to utilize commands constantly. 
This program is the foundation for ALL training & behavior regardless of age, size, personality or breed of dog. We teach you the importance of proper lifestyle & management so your dogs behavior issues become a thing of the past. For new puppy owners we can show you how to prevent common behavior problems from forming. You will become aware of common mistakes your unintentionally doing & how that is harming your dogs behavior & state of mind. We will teach you how to provide discipline, exercise, & affection appropriately to deepen your relationship with your dog.  


Understand your dogs mental-emotional needs to fix behavior problems!

-Transform you & your dogs relationship

-Easy to Follow Lifestyle Program!

-Listening Skills

-Less Conflict & Confrontation between you & your dog

-Emotional Regulation through Leash Work

-Mental Outlets, Games, & Activities to release pent up frustration

-Play that satisfies your dogs instincts

-Communicate non verbally to calm & guide your dog's behavior

-A dog that loves, respects & looks up to you

- Stop problem behaviors long term

- Learn to take control of resources to balance your dogs mental state

-Solid Foundation for Focus & Obedience Training


Does your dog never listen once the leash is removed? 
Do they act like they have selective hearing & only come when they feel like it?

Do you worry they will run across the street and you won’t be able to call them back to you reliably? 

Imagine a dog that can be off leash & comes back to you happily every time!

Whether your goals are to be able to bring your dog for hikes, to play off-leash in your backyard, or to your local park we can help you get there. 

This program is for owners who want their dog to have a reliable off-leash “come” command! We will get your dog loving to come back to you, & choosing you over tempting distractions! 

This package proofs the recall off leash, increases your dog's ability to control their impulses, and even teaches them to check in with you without saying a command. 

You will also learn how to communicate with your dog from a distance & walk on a leash without pulling. 


-A Solid Recall “Come” command!

-How to get your dog to LOVE to come back to you
-More Freedom!

-Less Apprehension, Worry & Frustration when your dog is Off-Leash!

-Calmer, Happier & Less Hyper Dog!

 -Responsible Dog who automatically checks in when off leash!

-Leash Walking Skills & no more pulling!

-How to STOP your dog mid chase & return to you!

-Off Leash Impulse Control around Distractions!

-Top Rated Training Collar & Leashes!

-Comprehensive Approach so you don’t have to rely on collars or treats forever!

-Handouts/Email/Text Support!


Do you want a well-mannered house dog, a dog you can bring out in public, around distractions, & trust off leash? 

Does your dog have problem behaviors that are annoying like hyperactivity, barking, jumping, counter surfing, door darting, pulling on the leash, and not listening? 

We will teach you how to live with your dog so their mindset is transformed & their problem behaviors diminish. 

Your dog will learn how to remain in positions like sit, down, heel, & go to bed for longer amounts of time, with distractions present, in different environments, & from a distance. 

We establish a reliable off leash recall, teach your dog to pay attention to you & ignore common distractions. 

If your dog has more serious behavior issues like separation anxiety or in home guarding behaviors we will show you how to effectively manage & improve these conditions. 


-Easy to Follow Lifestyle Program! 

-How to Balance Discipline (Rules, Boundaries & Limits) Freedom & Affection to deepen you & your dogs relationship

-Discover Play Techniques & Styles that will transform your dogs behavior 

-Less Frustration! 

-Effective Communication (verbally & non-verbally)!

-Better Bond & Connection with your dog 

-Loose Leash Walking & Heel! 

-Engagement & Focus!

- STOP Problem Behaviors immediately!

-Listen to Obedience Commands Reliably!

-Off-Leash Come

- Self Control & Emotional Regulation

-Multiple tools, techniques, & methods to increase your success!

-Unlimited Support (texts/calls/emails/handouts/videos)

-Access to Members Only Benefits like Boarding, Day Camp, Group Classes, & More


Are you embarrassed, upset, and frustrated by your dog’s reaction to things on walks?

Does your dog act neurotic, anxious, lunge, or bark, at other dogs or people on leash?  

Do you want to understand what is going on in your dog's mind, and how to effectively improve, change, and manage this behavior?

In this program we teach your dog how to engage & focus on you (on cue and automatically), instead of their triggers. We start adding distractions that “they freak out on" incrementally, and work up to real life situations.  

Through a variety of techniques we focus on changing your dogs emotional response around their triggers by setting them up for success. We also teach them how to walk politely on leash, heel, & look on command.  Environmental management, leash handling, trust building activities, and subtle changes in body language education will be provided.  


-Reassurance & Emotional Coaching to  ease your anxiety, frustrations & fears

-Become aware of detrimental body language, leash handling, and other cues you are unintentionally doing that is worsening your dogs behavior

-Decrease & Resolve Reactivity, Fear, & Aggression toward Dogs/People 

-Capture & Create a Calm State of Mind

-Practice Set Ups so you can prepare for real world success!

-Coaching in Real World Circumstances & Public Places 

-Develop Mutual Awareness & Trust

-Engagement & Focus around Distractions

-Learn Canine Stress Signals/Body Language

-“Faith in Handler” Position

-"Heel" & Loose Leash Walking Skills
-"Look" Command

-Proper use of Rewards & Play (food/toy/praise) to change your dogs negative emotional responses 

-How to effectively interrupt & stop reactions like barking & lunging (without creating any detrimental emotional side effects) 

-Multiple ways to address your dogs behavior (different tools, techniques, & methods) to boost success

- Access into “Distracted Dog" Group Meet Ups.

-Handouts/Email/Text Support


***Due to the nature of emotions like fear, anxiety & aggression long term success is highly dependent on how YOU manage your dogs lifestyle, experiences, and interactions after the training is completed. 
The amount of in-home structure, rules, and boundaries you enforce, as well as the amount of mental enrichment, physical exercise, & play (style your dog finds fulfilling) you provide for your dog, for them to be mentally & emotionally happy is a large part of canine mental health. 
How you handle stranger/dog interactions from here on out is critical for any behavior modification program to work.
 In order for remission & continual improvement to be possible, consistency, upkeep, & commitment is needed from the OWNER (even if your dog seems "cured" at the end of the training program). ***