Anna's Dog Services

Private Sessions Dog Training, Dog Day School, Board & Train, Behavior Modification, 



Private dog training is one on one coaching where we show you how to address specific behavior problems, teach basic obedience, and how to live with your dog. Private Sessions are weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions depending on your goals.  Private Sessions take place at your home, our residence, or public places. Depending on program offerings group sessions are included for clients actively enrolled in a private session program. 

             DAY TRAINING 

            "DOG SCHOOL"

Day school training programs include your dog getting trained throughout the day, structured socialization with other dogs, games & activities to build impulse control & and an off-leash hike in the woods.  "Field Trips" to public places for distraction training is included depending on the program you choose. As long as your dog is actively enrolled in a day school program private sessions are included for you to keep up with all of the new skills your dog has learned.  Day School Training has limited availability & is open for enrollment a few times a year. 


Board & Train programs are where your dog stays with us for a number of days while we teach them how to be a well mannered and obedient dog. Your dog will attend our day school program in the day, go on field trips to practice around real life distractions, & receive lots of One on One training during their stay. Private follow up sessions are included so you know how to maintain your dogs behavior.  Our Board & train programs make you eligible for "members only" benefits like group classes & refresher boarding stays.